The Exhibition

Hi everyone, Term 4 is zooming away. Although it is only Week 3, I have learnt and done so many things. Last term my year group started a project called ‘The Exhibition’. It is a big research project where you get to investigate into topics that interest you. This year my school focused on the […]

Year Seven Orientation

Hi guys, The holidays are over and I am back at school. I can’t believe it is term 4 already! Next year I am going into year seven and I am VERY excited. In order to get us prepared for year seven, my high school organized two orientation days. On Monday and Tuesday all of […]


Hi everyone, I am now three weeks into term three of year six. It has has been a productive start and I have learnt lots already. I can’t wait for the coming weeks. So far this term I have had the athletics carnival, learnt more about governments and power, started a coding program called GROK […]


Hi everyone, My Passion Project is now completely finished!!! Yesterday was the open morning and I loved it. I finally got to see all of my classmates final Passion Projects. Some that I found particularly impressive were: Arabella’s Home in a Bag (a pack for the homeless in winter). Arabella’s Blog Mia’s Quilt (she learnt how to […]


Hi everyone, I have now come to the end of my time limit for my Passion Project. although I do only have two days until it is due I am sure I will keep my business going and making progress (as there is always something you can improve on). Just letting you know, over the […]


Hi guys, With the last week of the ‘making stage’ approaching I have been working hard on my Passion Project. Over the past week I have mainly been working on finishing my product (greeting cards). I realised that guillotining all the photos and sticking them onto the cards takes a long time! Making the cards […]


Hi guys, I can’t believe the fourth week of working on my Passion Project is over! With less than three weeks to complete it, I have been working very hard. Over the past week I have made good progress on two main parts of the project. I have started making cards and worked out some finances. […]


Hi guys, Over the past week I have made lots of progress on my Passion Project. Just to remind you for my Passion Project I am creating my own business. From now on I will be in the making/creating stage of the project. This will include taking and printing the photos for the cards, working […]


Hi everyone. This week I have been thinking about what I need for my Passion Project. I have thought about the skills I hope to learn and the materials,resources and information I will need. Here is a list I have made: Skills- Learning the macro settings on a DSLR camera Learning how to do professional […]


Year Six is filled with many fun and exciting opportunities. When I first heard about the Passion Project I was really excited! The Passion Project is an opportunity to focus on something we are really interested in for a term. Along the way we should learn a new skill and by the end of the […]